Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Android Application Development Helps You Accomplish Business Goals

Businesses have many choices when it comes to mobile application development. They can go for any of the available platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. They can also choose a web based mobile application development in case they want to be platform independent. But, if they want a global exposure to their business apps, they need to go for a globally popular platform, e.g. Android. Android is a leading mobile platform with more than 70 percent market share. Businesses have discovered that Android application development can let them explore a fresh world of prospects.

When you choose Android for your business application development, you choose several advantages that Google has provided with its OS. Yes, it is Google's mobile operating system, and the search engine company makes it available for free. Apart from this, all the Android software development tools by Google are also accessible for free. Android's openness has stimulated both mobile manufacturers and mobile app developers. Mobile manufacturers are able to use this OS for free. They can even customize it according to specific type of hardware. There is no other mobile OS that offers such freedom. The open nature of Android also allows mobile makers to offer low-cost smart phones.

Android's openness also helps mobile developers. Android OS has been adopted in more than 190 countries by hundreds of mobile manufacturers. It is almost difficult to name all of them, but Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Huawei, Dell and Acer are the popular ones. They are driving strong growth for the OS and making Android devices available in almost all the countries. The reach of Android encourages developers to build for the OS as their applications are available for one of the largest user-groups. Android users download more than 1.5 billion apps and games from Google Play each month, and this figure is big enough to encourage developers.

Every business survives because of customers, and more customers simply mean more business opportunities. Android has grown to be gigantic to offer uncountable opportunities to businesses. Android is the best platform for diverse businesses that are involved in health, fitness, medical, education, art, culture, lifestyle, travel, hospitality, logistics, news, magazine and tens of others.

With a range of device-specific features and the right kind of Android application development, business are able to accomplish most of the goals. And when they associate themselves with expert mobile developers, they explore a completely new world of business opportunities. It happens just because of an Android application development.

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