Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Google Nexus S - Close to Perfection?

Launched to much acclaim, the Google Nexus S has met with rave reviews from industry reviewers and satisfied customers and has even been hailed in some quarters as the best phone available today. However, as it is simply a modified version of the award winning Samsung Galaxy S this should not come as a surprise.

What makes it so good?

A number of things; taking the Galaxy S as a benchmark is a clever idea and imbues the handset with all of that excellent devices attributes, while adding a couple of neat modifications makes it a stand out phone in any company. Android is here in the latest version, known as Gingerbread, and is excellent; fast, powerful and with improved responses and usability, this version of what was fast becoming the most impressive OS out there is something to behold, and backed up by a very powerful processor it gives all the feel and versatility of an impressive device.

A pretty good camera

A five megapixel camera is another good addition and comes complete with autofocus and video recording that is very high quality, while superfast internet connection will endear the phone to many new users. The camera is similar to that on the base Galaxy S, as should be expected, and much of the hardware is in fact the same.

Android comes, of course, with the added attraction of a hundred thousand apps, and as a result this is a phone that will have many people reaching for their wallets as they look to upgrade. One thing that is impressive is the powerful battery which perhaps gives the best possible performance of any smartphone we can think of.

The screen and more

The Samsung developed super AMOLED display really is the business, offering superb brightness, incredible clarity and fantastic touch sensitivity, and at four inches coupled with the 480x800 pixel definition is very much one of the best on the market. The phone is pre-installed with the usual Google apps, includes a quality GP system and is well in tune with the social networking world, while web browsing is simply excellent - in fact we can't think of many more efficient.

If you are not familiar with Android then you will be ready to learn of its quirks and specialities; this is an operating system that is very much on the rise and one that is home to many clever functions, and it is also an easy to get to grips with system, particularly in the current Gingerbread version. It is a choice to make between this phone and the Galaxy S as they are so similar in both style and function, yet it is a choice that you need to make yourself!

Do I want one?

Why buy this over the Samsung Galaxy S? It's a good question and one that will be voiced often, but ultimately all we can see is that the Google Nexus S is a very impressive phone that builds on an efficient and functional platform.

The Samsung Google Nexus S is particularly a powerful mobile phone when it comes to Internet browsing and even in other aspects such as multimedia, messaging and calling. This is by far the best Android phone that Google and Samsung has created this year.

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