Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Android for Smartphones and Tablet Computers

Mobile phone manufacturers each place certain characteristics and features to differentiate their phones from those of competitors. They are all competing to get market share and make their brand recognized. Many different operating system have been developed; the apple, the blackberry, and more.

Google along with its partners developed the Android operating system which can be adapted on smartphones and tablet computers. Many manufacturers use the Android operating system on their mobile phone mostly because it has been built with an open source structure which means that any developer or hobbyist can write a program or application and make it available at Google's Play Store.

Unlike other operating systems such as Apple's that has proprietary rights attached to it, Android is not specific to a certain hardware manufacturer. Any manufacturer wanting to develop his version of a smartphone can use the operating system. As such, different competing mobile phone companies power their devices with Android operating system. With Google, developers have a platform where they can create apps using Android Developer Tools and market their product to millions around the world.

With an Android operating system for smart phone and tablet computers you can have access to all of Google's entertainments. More than 600,000 applications and games are available. You will also find movies, books, and thousands of songs. Android touch screen technology lets you easily customize your home screen with all your favorite applications. Some features of Android phones include:

• Widgets that lets you have everything you want from the home screen

• Notifications offers you easy access to calls, incoming texts, emails and more

• Multi-tasking offers you the possibility to work with many different tasks simultaneously

• Voice typing and actions makes it possible to write emails, send SMS, or any other texts with only the use of your voice; it supports more than 30 languages. you also have on-screen keyboard.

• Photo and videos helps you remember special moments and share with friends and family

You will find Android operating system being used by many of the most recognizable brands of mobile phones such as Samsung, Motorola, Sony and many more. Android phones have very high-resolution display. They are very user-friendly and considered a lot more adaptable to specific needs. With Android technology users have wider and better choices of apps being able to customize their applications accordingly and developers have a platform where they can market their ideas through Google.

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