Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flabbergasting Android Applications

Android despite being a late comer to the world of smart phones is developing very fast to cover the lost grounds to other competitors. The Android is the product of a group led by Google and is open source. Some of the android applications that make a very big impact on the android users are as follows.

Google Voice:

This application is for those people who do not want to receive and hear any voicemail. Besides the current mobile number of the user, the Google Voice generates another Google number. The missed calls are forwarded to this Google number. The voicemail is automatically transcribed and given a text form. The user instead of getting a voice email will receive the transcribed message through email.

The application allows the user to scroll the messages at a convenient time. This saves valuable mobile minutes.

Open Home:

This application is mainly for those people who like customization of their smart phones. The default home screen of the smart phone can be replaced with the help of this application. You can have customized icon packs, skins and fonts on the home screen. These customized elements may be a creation of others but most of them (elements) are available free of cost. This application facilitates the user with customization of tweaks. The widget can be modified and the soft keyboard can be improved upon.

Gmail and Google Calendar:

The applications like Gmail and Google Calendar work seamlessly on the Android. This is mainly because of the linking between the Android phone and your account on Google.

Google Listen:

This application is especially for those people who do not want to miss any single show on the media. This application works like a search engines as well as a tool for subscribing to the podcasts. If you have already boarded the train and realize that you have to miss the latest episode of your favorite show, you just have to login the Google Listen application, conduct a search on the show, and you can have immediate accesses to it from the point of origin. With this application in your smart phone you need not download the podcasts. There is no need for your smart phone device to be connected to any computer.

Google Finance:

This Android application is for those people who deal in stocks and shares and related to the financial services and market. This application allows the user to receive quotes in the real time. You can keep track of the latest developments in the market and keep a watch on your portfolio round the clock all the days of the week. Besides the quotes one can even receive the charts and the latest financial news. The official version of the Google Finance Application is only available on Android mobile platform.

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