Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An Introduction To The HTC One X Google Android Mobile Phone

The all new HTC One X is the first mobile phone to feature a quad core processor and the latest version of Google Android 4.0. It has a very large 4.3 inch touchscreen display which provides detailed and vibrant colours. The large size of the screen makes it very easy to use and is fantastic for browsing the internet and checking social networks. The screen is capable of displaying high definition 720P video which is captivating.

The fast 1.5 Ghz quad core processor makes this one of the fastest smartphones that money can buy at the moment. It also includes 1GB of RAM which means the phone won't slow down when you are using it. There is also plenty of memory to save all of your photos, videos and music. The phone also boasts Beats By Dr. Dre audio technology which is designed to make music sound better. The phone actually includes a set of Beats headphones which are usually quite expensive to buy on their own. If you enjoy listening to music then you will love the HTC One X mobile phone.

The built in camera has also had some serious upgrades. First of all it features a brand new lens and sensor which will make it easier to take pictures in low light conditions. This means your photos are always going to be blur free while capturing vast amounts of detail no matter where you are. If you want to record a video instead then you can capture full 1080P high definition video at the flick of a switch as well.

With all of this powerful hardware some people were worried that the battery life of the HTC One X might be compromised. Luckily for us HTC have spent significant time making sure everything is very power efficient which ensures a single charge of the battery will get you through the day. In fact they have a secret 5th core which uses less power and is less powerful to process simple tasks which is a great idea.

The overall build quality of the phone is very good as well. It has been manufactured from a single piece of polycarbonate which makes it sturdy. The screen is also treated with a special formula which will help to prevent any scratches and damage. Personally I would still recommend you get some kind of case and screen protector for the phone though. It is very easy to pick up scratches and bumps and cases are quite cheap to buy online.

Overall the HTC One X is a fantastic smartphone that anyone would be happy with. It features all of the latest developments in mobile technology while remaining slim and compact. There is no doubt about it that this will be one of the best selling smartphones on the market this year and that comes with good reason.

If you are thinking about buying the HTC One X then I recommend you visit your local mobile phone shop to get hold of one and see it in action for yourself.

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