Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Apple iPhone 4S: A Look at Its Major Features

The Apple iPhone 4S is one of the most popular smart phones in the market. Let's have a look at some of its features.


This handset appears similar to the iPhone 4. But the actual difference lies inside the handset. The powerful A5 CPU makes using this handset noticeably swifter especially while kicking-off applications. But, it is slower than the quad-core processor present in the Samsung Galaxy S3.


As stated above, the design is almost similar to the iPhone 4. Users who were expecting a fresh design were disappointed on seeing this handset. We just hope that iPhone 5 brings the much-needed change in the iPhone lineup.


The graphics are just marvelous. When we tried some games, the results were astonishing. Many users love to play games on their smartphones, and this handset is perfect for them. The inclusion of Retina display has encouraged many users to get this handset solely for gaming purposes.

8 MP snapper:

The 8MP camera clicks beautiful pictures. Even though we tested the handset in poor lighting situations, the resulting images were striking. Moreover, the handset captures video in full HD quality. This smartphone can easily take the place of your digital camera.

iOS 5:

The latest iOS 5 brings more than 200 new attributes. The most notable ones are notifications, newsstands, iMessage and reminders.


It is true that the Apple iPhone 4S is not affordable. The steep price is a huge deterrent. The only way to buy this handset without spending a huge amount is through contract phone deals. If you purchase a contract, service provider will subsidize the cost of your smartphone. In this manner, you can buy an expensive handset like this.


Siri is the most exciting attribute of this handset. But, the feature is still in beta stage. Anyway, when we inquired Siri about the weather, it replied correctly. Siri can answer most of questions, but don't think about using it for important tasks. Even in a noisy environment, it struggles to answer questions.


The Apple iPhone 4 suffered from call drop issues. But, things are quite different in this handset. Apple has used a fresh antenna design to solve the problems of call drops. The Cupertino-based mobile phone maker claims that moving between the dual antennas will enhance call quality & decrease call drops. We did not test the authenticity of these claims, but we don't expect Apple to make false claims.


This handset sports a 3.5-inch touch screen, which seems small in comparison with other handsets in the market. We want Apple to increase the screen size in the upcoming iPhone 5.

Other options:

There are several other options available in the market, especially in the Android camp. Many of these handsets are even cheaper. In the high-end segment, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X are already stealing the limelight from the iPhone 4S. Still, it is very difficult to resist the charm of iPhone 4S. If you also desire to own this smartphone, then log on to your favorite comparison portal. You will get the best iPhone 4S deals only on a comparison portal.

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