Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Apple iPhone 5: A Sneak Peek

The Apple iPhone 5 is expected to be available to the public before the year 2011 ends. It is also expected to look exactly similar to iPhone 4 because its front and back will sport the same Gorilla Glass. However, there are also rumors that it may become sleeker and thinner than the iPhone 4. Experts also believe that it will feature an improved antenna, which solves the signal issues that everyone who owns an iPhone 4 complains about. If you have always been a huge fan of Apple products, you will surely enjoy reading some of the speculations regarding the upcoming iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 rumors and speculations

While the iPhone 5 is expected to have the same dimensions as its predecessors, it is can still house a number of great improvements beyond the new antenna design. It can possibly have a 4-inch screen display that delivers sharper images and clearer texts. If it were to have an A5 processor, the same device that runs the iPad 2, experts also believe that it will perform better than the iPhone 4. Supposed leaked images from China also suggest that the new iPhone will have an ultra-thin design, which will set it apart from thicker Android handsets. Techie geeks consider the leaked images fake but they believe that the 4-inch display is likely.

Tech journalists and bloggers have continued brimming with probable iPhone 5 features for quite some time now. Others even believe that it may feature a powerful laser keyboard. While the idea seems cool, laser keyboards are actually hard to execute properly. It may also drain the battery, which will taint Apples reputation when it comes to producing products with outstanding battery life. Apple will probably refuse incorporating laser keyboards to its handsets, considering the fact that laser keyboards are not even that useful to begin with.

Unveiling the new iPhone 5

As if the older versions of iPhone were not innovative enough, the iPhone 5 is expected to revolutionize the world of mobile phones. According to some reports, the new iPhone will be equipped with dual core processors that will allow it to load pages and launch applications at faster speeds. Dual core processors can also handle multiple programs at once so they will give users the freedom to multitask. The iPhone 5 has also been rumored to incorporate powerful graphic cards that can display videos and images with greater precision and sharpness.

It also seems that the new iPhone 5 will make use of a 4G network rather than the usual 3G network. Even Android handsets will find it hard to compete with the new iPhone because the latter has more features and solid mechanisms to offer. Some of the features that it may possess include an advanced Face Recognition Security program as well as video chat on a reliable 4G network. It will also have the same scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass display and a longer battery life of over 14 hours of talk time.

These are only some of the best features that the new iPhone is expected to have. Faster, smarter, and more efficient, the Apple iPhone 5 will certainly change the way you view smartphones. If you are planning to buy an iPhone 4, you will probably be better off waiting until the much-awaited iPhone 5 is released.

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