Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fifth Generation Mobile Phone - Apple iPhone 5

With mobile technology changing at the snap of a finger, it makes absolute sense that you look for a fifth generation smart phone with advanced features and facilities. Apple iPhone 5, the most awaited smart phone comes with different special features and high-end specifications. It comes with advanced features and functionality that makes it one of the best smart phones for business as well as entertainment needs. With the launch of the iPhone 5, mobile users who have signed their contract on Apple iPhone 4 are sure to cry their lungs out. This latest phone from Apple's kitty is designed for business purposes and is expected to be released shortly within few months. The phone is a result of several modifications to its sibling, the iPhone 4 and arrives fresh with a new look. This smart phone will be released into the market after July 2011. Let's take a look at the specifications leaked about this phone.

It is been rumored that Apple iPhone 5 will arrive with a powerful dual core processor that is designed with high-end features for business needs from every angle. The size of the screen will be around 4 inches which is sure to deliver stunning clarity when watching movies or images. The 'capacitive touch screen' is easy to use with fingers than with a stylus. You could feel the difference when performing multitasking operations. You could simply access two or more tasks at the same time.

The phone is sure to stand out in crowd from the rest of the smart phones with its NFC technology. This technology is something that's different and is usually not available in regular cell phones. It's highly useful to perform money transactions especially while shopping. All that you've got to do is to swipe your phone as you would swipe your credit card and lo -and-behold, you've paid for your purchase. Needless to say, this promising feature manages to create great expectations among shopaholics.

The phone's equipped with an 8 megapixel camera that can capture amazing images. You can thus keep your professional camera safely locked at home. It also has several other primary features that make the image more stunning without noise and distortion.

The sleek look and design of Apple iPhone 5 is sure to captivate the most hardened critic. The phone is sure to become a style statement wherever you carry, be it shopping or for a business meeting.

It also comes with battery that lasts for a long time. Apple iPhone 5 is indeed the best mobile phone for travel as it acts as a best companion.

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