Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Google's Android - Something More in the World of Mobile Technology!

Well, finally there is something more in the market than Apple's iPhone! Yes! Google's Android is in the market now, which has turned the common flow of interest towards its own direction. It was iPhone which was dominating the market since long but, Google has made its entry in the mobile world through the newly developed advanced Android Application. So, now get yourself ready to experience a different technological advancement in the mobile world and update yourself with a new advanced operating system called Android.

Briefly, Android is the operating system that has been introduced by Google to the world. It is an open source software stack that can be updated with expert knowledge whenever required. This characteristic feature helps to update the system more frequently and thereby the system acquires all the advancements, which helps it to renew itself on time. Android uses the Java technology to get programmed and is based on Linux kernel. There are many apps supported by Android, which are generated by the apps developers and that can be downloaded easily and can be used.

The main aim behind the origination of Android is not to excel in the mobile world but to deliver a more user friendly, advanced and easy solution to the mobile users, which ultimately resulted into Android (operating system). It not only offers user friendliness but also it allows the developers to generate managed code in Java language. Developers create the applications using the SDK (software development kit) that helps in creating new applications and even help in gathering other applications. This SDK includes an emulator that helps the developers to test their application on Android operating system.

Merging of all these factors makes the Android a perfect suitable application to cope up with the growing requirements of the technology friendly users. The Android application will make a noticeable change in the mobile market in the near future with its advanced technology and development, which will in turn replenish the market needs and requirements.

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