Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is Google's Nexus One Cell Phone and Android a Good Idea?

Google's Android operating system for mobile phones is new and very cool and starting to give other platforms like the iPhone a scare and run for their money. Although all of them have their pluses and minuses, Android seems to have some of the most innovative features and it interoperates with everything Google provides such as email seamlessly. Many companies are using and planning use Android for their phones, and Google has announced their own cell phone, the Nexus One. Does this make any sense for Google? After all, a phone is a piece of hardware and they are a software company.

Google will probably make little if any money off the phone and they have said that is not their goal. Most cell phone manufacturers do not make significant money off of hardware, but rather on services. Their two goals are helping spread the Android platform as well as collecting user information. Google already has lots of information on you if you use any of its services such as Google search, YouTube, gmail, Google Alerts and much more. This itself worries me as although I am a Google fan, I feel they are a classic example of a company that has become too powerful too fast and is fast becoming the closest thing to "big brother."

There are several risks that Google has with their current plan. Users will need to remove and install the SIM cards themselves from their network. Although not difficult, many users may not want to do this, and there may be support and support cost issues involved.

One reason Google has created their own phone is so they can control the feature set. They are not branded or connected to just one network, and it is possible that some networks may not allow Nexus One to use those features on their network, either because they are not implemented or for a myriad of other reasons.

Since Google will not make money off the phones, and they do not own or control the phone networks, will they make money off the information they gather? It is a risky proposition no doubt. I'm looking forward to Google's personal version of the Android phone platform, the Google Nexus One. They have a track record for delivering and deep enough pockets to make it succeed. I won't be rushing out to buy one however until it proves itself, and many consumers agree with me.

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