Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Apple iPhone Story

The Apple iPhone is one of the most successful smart phones of the recent times. This line of multimedia and internet enabled smart phones by Apple started in 2007, and since then a total of four Apple iPhone smart phones have thus far been released, and the fifth just weeks away. Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, was always there to unveil the iPhones in much anticipated ceremonies full of pomp and hype. It's yet to be seen if the tradition will be continued by the new CEO when the unveiling of the Apple iPhone 5 is done come October this year. What's more certain is that the new iPhone is bound to wow both existing and non-existing iPhone consumers. This is backed partly by the well documented facts on the success of all the previous iPhones and partly by the new specs, features and of course the new iOS 5 that launches together with it.

The Apple iPhone line of smart phones has become so popular that the unveiling of a new series is always proceeded by rumors and speculations way before even the actual date is determined. The event is closely followed worldwide and is always almost immediately overwhelmed by interest and pre-orders for the gadget. The first iPhone was known as simply iPhone, but Apple called it the magical phone that was going to revolutionize the smart phone industry, and that it did. Since then the Apple iPhone remains the phone to beat in this industry.

Right now, the most recent iPhone, the Apple iPhone 4 is currently the slimmest smart phone with the sharpest and highest resolution phone display ever. It has multitasking capabilities and the ability to take HD videos. All this has to do with the new A4 processor and more RAM both doubled from the previous iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs. These improvements not only enable the phone take HD videos but also make their editing right within the device possible. The fourth generation iPhone introduced the Retina Display technology which is rumored to feature in the Apple iPhone 5 in a larger 4" screen. That should make the whole multimedia experience of future iPhones quite an experience. The storage capacity of the iPhones has constantly been increasing and now stands at a possible 64 big ones on iPhone 4. Even though not much has been said about the iPhone 5's storage capacity, rumors of a 200 GB Apple iPhone 7 are already out and most analysts say that with the available time until its launch that is quite a possibility. The seventh generation iPhone has two more years to go and also has to wait for the iPhone 5 and 6 to have their day first. But even so, the almost religious following the Apple iPhones now command can't wait that long before beginning to contemplate, speculate, cogitate and entertain rumors of upcoming iPhones way before they are even considered by their creators. The Apple iPhone line of smart phones certainly has a bright future ahead.

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