Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The iPhone 5 - The Same 3.5 Inch Display Or 4 Inch Touch Screen

These days there are more and more mobile phone buyers who are looking for a bigger display. This is evident in the success of the Samsung Galaxy S2. The Korean tech giant has sold millions upon millions of its flagship since its arrival in early 2011. One of the reasons why buyers were attracted to this Android handset is its massive display. This offered more real estate to touch, tap, and flick. In addition, it allowed users to enjoy more from their pictures, movies, and games. Since the competition offered bigger touch screens, many wonder if the iPhone 5 would sport the same screen size. Let's try and find out.

Foxconn is the largest member of Apple's supply line. According to sources within Foxconn's factories, the new iOS-powered smartphone will sport a display with a screen size of 4 inches or even more. What are the advantages of this bigger retina display? Apple fans just can't get enough of apps they download from the App Store. These apps allow them to play games, read popular publications, read bestsellers, watch movies, and listen to their music. Imagine doing all of these on a bigger display on the iPhone 5. Apps would be more enjoyable. You will enjoy more from movies. You will enjoy more from reading articles from the web, digital magazines, digital newspapers, and eBooks. Gamers will enjoy more from games. Furthermore, users would have more room for touch features.

As good as this sounds, there is also a large possibility the Cupertino firm will unveil a phone sporting the same 3.5 inch retina display. The reason behind this also has to do with apps. Currently, apps for iPhones are optimized for a 3.5 inch display. If the company were to release the iPhone 5 sporting a bigger 4 inch screen with more resolution, this would be a nightmare for app developers. This would mean that developers would have to redesign their apps for the larger panel. This could take them a lot of time. This also means that app would initially not look good on the new smartphone. Proof of this can be seen on the new iPad. Applications optimized for the iPad 2 were not optimized for a retina display. Since the new iPad comes with a retina display, iPad 2-optimized apps did not look good on the new tablet.

Will the iPhone 5 sport the same 3.5 inch retina display or a bigger 4 inch touch screen? Unfortunately, there's no way to know for certain. We'll just have to wait until the smartphone is officially unveiled.

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