Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The New iPhone 5 May Continue To Offer A Glass Body But With A Brand New Design

There are numerous rumours circulating about the forthcoming iPhone 5. We can be pretty sure that some of them are true such as the phone offering a quad core processor and NFC capabilities. Others are a little more unrealistic but a new rumour has surfaced relating to the design of the phone that seems very plausible.

Many websites have been reporting that the new iPhone 5 will sport an aluminium chassis but this new rumour suggest that Apple are still experimenting with glass and ceramic designs for the phones body. If the company do decide on another glass body then we can be certain that the model will be considerably slimmer than the iPhone 4S. This model incorporated toughened Gorilla Glass on the front and the rear of the phone and since this model was released a second generation of Gorilla Glass has been released with the major difference being that the material is now thinner than ever before. Apple do like to make their devices different from their rivals and at present they are the only manufacturer who are using an entirely glass body. A change to aluminium would simply make the iPhone similar to a handful of other models such as the Blackberry Bold 9900.

Since the original iPhone was released there have only been two major changes in the design of the phone and we can safely predict that the new iPhone 5 will be the third. The original iPhone featured a curved plastic back panel which gave the model an almost pebble like appearance. A slim metallic coloured bezel surrounded the display and the main Home button was located centrally directly beneath the screen. The first major change in this design came with the introduction of the iPhone 4. This model was the first to sport the glass design that is still offered on the iPhone 4S. The design is more angular than earlier models with two sheets of glass separated by an Aluminium strip that runs around all four sides of the phone. This glass design meant that colour variations of the phone were noticeably different. On earlier versions only the back panel of the device changed colour and from the front of the phone you would not know if you were using a White or Black variant. The glass design enabled a coloured sheet to be used on the front panel as well as the back. This is one reason why the White iPhone 4 and 4S have proven so popular.

Despite suggestions of a new metallic iPhone 5 it does seem very likely that Apple will opt to continue with their use of glass and ceramic materials. The new Gorilla Glass two will enable the handset to be the slimmest iPhone ever released while it will also allow Apple to offer something different from many of their competitors.

The iPhone 5 is coming soon and the iPhone 4S is available now.

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