Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Will Android 4 Finally Be Google's Trump Card?

While it is true that almost a million Android devices are being activated everyday, it is also true that a lot of the people who buy them are annoyed by Android's lack of visual appeal. Android phones sell like hot cakes because most people like the low cost involved. Who wouldn't like to own a smartphone without having to shell down a lot of money for it? In developing countries like India, such phones sell more than the iPhone purely because of the cost factor. So Android definitely has a distinct advantage over the iOS, which powers the iPhone.

But it is high time for Android to make up for the lack of visual appeal. The latest release, titled Ice Cream Sandwich, looks promising in this regard. Android 4.0 has many improvements that make it more slick and fluid. Also, it has been recently announced that the developers of Android are aiming for a more aesthetic feel in the UI. This means that apps will soon be looking better than before, and Android may get closer to matching the iOS in terms of visual appeal.

That term has been used so many times in this article. What exactly is visual appeal, and why is it so important? A smartphone might have a lot of features that make it smart, but the majority of smartphone users hardly ever make use of these features. They just want their phones to work smoothly without any lag. They also want their phone to look good so that when they show it to their friends, they can be impressed. This is the main reason visual appeal is quite necessary, which is why Android needs to play catch up to the iOS.

Unless it is a high-end model, the term Android Phone usually brings to mind a cheap model running a trimmed-down software. Sadly, that's the image associated with Android these days. While it has not been hurting phone sales, it certainly has brought a wrong feeling within the community. Although Android 4.0 has not been released onto many phones yet, it is bound to pick up momentum soon.At the moment, it is version 2.3 that is powering most new phones, but it can certainly not match the power that 4.0 will provide. For now Android is certainly riding high, but if it can make up for the lack in visual appeal, it will definitely become unbeatable.

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