Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Accessories for iPhone 5 Users

iPhone 5 is a rage amongst technology users but often just after purchasing the gadget a user immediately starts looking for suitable accessories for it. Listed here are some accessory ideas that will amuse you and enhance your user experience with iPhone 5.

The adapter

This is the first time ever that the Apple has launched a connecter with its iPhone 5. It is the Lightning connector and it is different from the conventional 30-pin connector that was earlier used to charge the older version of iPhones and other Apple devices. This is probably the best to happen ever since the introduction of the new version of iPhone as the old accessories are not compatible in charging the new version. The chord and the pin are useless for the iPhone 5.

AirPlay speakers

For a music lover any new addition of accessory is a treat. For example getting hold of speakers that are compatible with your new iPhone, something that will help you enhance your music experience. in order to get the best of music you need speakers that are compatible with your device. AirPlay speakers are good option when it comes to sound quality and amplifying effect. However, if you want these then you need to shell out $200 as the starting range for this product, if you are willing to shell more then it can go up to $700. Remember that better quality comes at high cost. AirPlay is compatible with all the Apple devices including iTunes with Macs.

Bluetooth speakers

If you are wondering, about how expensive the speakers offered by AirPlay are then you might look for other options that are seemingly more affordable and budget friendly too. You may want to consider Bluetooth, this is an alternate option to the speakers offered by AirPlay. Additionally, even if you are not using all Apple accessories this still comes handy. You can use it across other brand devices too like your other Smartphones. Your older iPod Touch (spare the first generation), iPads and older versions of iPhones are just as compatible with it.

The only disappointment that you may face with Bluetooth is that the audio quality is not as good as that offered by AirPlay. Nonetheless, the difference in audio quality is slight that can be overlooked. Additionally, you will prefer shelling out $50 against what has been offered by AirPlay.

Bluetooth music receiver

If you already have an entire set up of a stereo then you can choose to get a Bluetooth receiver for it. You can choose to go with Belkin Bluetooth (Music Receiver) to enable music streaming to any divide via audio input. This also works well with paired speakers and costs $22.

Apple TV

Sharing content like pictures and videos on a big screen is an amazing experience within itself. You can easily do so if you purchase apple TV. It is only as costly as $99 that will include a box to enable you to purchase iTunes enabled video on your TV set. Additionally you will be able to synchronize it along with your iPhone 5 and other Apple devices too. Interestingly the technology of AirPlay will allow you stream content through Wi-Fi technology. this way you can easily incorporate movies, pictures and even games loaded on your iPhone 5 on to the big screen.

Photography Options

If clicking pictures is something that you like doing then you can choose to enhance your experience by opting for several lens at one go. You can attach these via apps or opt for physical senses. For example the physical lens case by iZZi Gadgets called Orbit. It gives you 3 lens option that can be added to your iPhone 5. First one offers 180 degree view with fish eye. Second offers 2X optical zoom functionality, and the third one offers 67x wide angle. Purchasing the whole case will cost you $239, you can also opt for single lens. Other options include Wide angle lenses and Telephoto lenses at $20 each. If you are keen on purchasing fish eye lens then you need to pay $25 only.

The above mentioned are just a few of the popular accessories for iPhone 5 available. However, there are horde of variety available in the market, you can choose according to your budget and your personal requirements.

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