Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Android Developers Clamor For Google Workshops

Never fear, Android developers now have help, in the form of Google workshops. Google's main objective is to get the attention of developers who have enough creativity and ability to design high-quality apps for their Android smartphones and tablets. The first workshop, in a multi-part series, is called "Optimizing Honeycomb Tablet Applications" and will focus on how to develop apps to the proper screen size and user interface for the Honeycomb tablets, as well as the proper way to seamlessly transfer apps from smartphones to tablets.

Some of the requirements to be considered for the workshops are that you have to have previous experience and have already published an app or two in the Google Android Market. Google wants to enhance their current crop of apps functionality and go over some features that developers may be oblivious to. These workshops are being held in locations globally as the first workshop was recently held in Bangalore, India. Other spots that have had these workshops are in Seattle, WA and New York, NY. The final sessions will culminate in Los Angeles, CA on September 2nd.

A lot of Android developers are clamoring for the chance to participate in these seminars, as it's by invitation only and the Google staff are being exclusionary in who they select. Any android developer with the basic qualifications can register, but inclusion in the workshops is going to be based on the quality and functionality of the developers app that is available in the Android App Market. This round of workshops have been created due to the back and forth race between Google and Apple for developer loyalty.

The initial buzz regarding Android is beginning to simmer down and there has been a real tug-of-war for developers. Apple's iPad is still the number one selling tablet in the marketplace and enjoys a healthy market share of the tablet pie. Representatives at Dell and Nvidia firmly believe that the Android tablets will one day outpace the iPad counterparts, but the iPad brand is engrained with the average consumer and has been more difficult to overcome, than previously expected.

In different technology sectors, the Apple iPad is championed for its singular control of every point in the supply chain, as well as superior design. It will be a long time before Google can surpass the name-brand recognition established by the largest company in North America. However, Google, being no slouch to branding and staying in the public eye, can effectively heat up the technology wars and push innovation of app development through fierce competition. As a consumer, we all stand to benefit from a healthy competitive market sector, as opposed to a total monopoly enjoyed by one giant corporation.

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