Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Android Finally Lands at Google Chrome

It may seem odd that it took Google an extended period of time, but finally they have released a version of Chrome for Android. Opera and Mozilla Firefox who have long ingrained their presence in the Android Market, Mozilla even proffers multiple channels of Firefox for Android. Still it is considered a better move than not taking it up at all.

Google Chrome for desktop has been on a steady rise bringing together various features such as extensions, apps, syncing of browser data, cloud printing, instant and the list runs extended. Only some of these features have transformed to the mobile version. It is still beta though, and does comprise of a number of features that are not acquirable in its desktop counterpart. Although Google claims that they will find their way to Chrome for desktops sooner or later.

Despite Chrome's nominal interface, its tab UI isn't precisely mobile friendly. So while the tablet version of Google Chrome does feature the desktop-style tab UI, the mobile version has an altogether tab mechanism that is more apt for mobile browsing. On Chrome for Android, one can go from one tab to another by swiping left or right. A sum-up of open tabs stacks them on top of each other just like a deck of cards as Google calls it. To further simplify browsing on small screen, Chrome can zoom in on links to make it simpler to choose and browse links.

Just like Google Chrome for desktops, the Android version has Sync that is baked in it. So if you link it up to a Google account that is also linked with Chrome for desktop, one will be able to see their bookmarks on mobile as well. The Android version also comprises of the Chrome omnibar, so if you have Sync enabled, the omnibar will take vantage of your browser history to give you improved suggestions. Chrome has also been able to sync tabs for a while, and now the mobile version can take vantage of that as well, by giving you the entree to the list of tabs open on your desktop on the go.

Behind all this, Chrome still has a multi-process architecture so individualistic tab crashes doesn't bring down the browser. The mobile version also supports the GPU-acceleration for the canvas. Google Instant, which initiates the loading pages while you are typing a URL, while a boon on the desktop can be a bandwidth hog on mobile; so while it is supported on the Android version, it is only enabled when WiFi access is sensed. For privacy-concerned users, yes, Concealed mode is also supported. Since Adobe lately decided to halt developing new-fangled versions of Flash for Mobile, and will only be supporting Flash content packaged as mobile apps, Google Chrome for Android does not support Flash, not even the version presently accessible and supported on Mobile.

One feature that Google Chrome desktop users might be envious of is tab scrolling, which it seems is supported in the Android version.

Chrome is still quite piteous at managing windows with a galore of tabs, as tabs keep getting smaller instead of scrolling. In the tablet version though, tab scrolling will be supported for sure.

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