Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Android Froyo: Sweet News From Google

"Froyo" is not just a nickname for frozen yoghurt anymore. Sure, this portmanteau was first used to give a nickname to frozen yoghurts, a delectable frozen desert made from milk, fruits and other sweet ingredients. Now, ask any techie teenager and "desert" will definitely not be the first thing that will come into their minds. Froyo nowadays, takes form as the latest iteration of Android, an operating system. Simply puts, if you are going to buy the latest Android phone, Froyo is the operating system version that will be running through its chips.


Also known as the Android 2.2, Froyo has very minimal advantages compared to its predecessors if we are to talk about the total look through the screen. Changes that were made through Froyo was the Android logo greeting its user as the phone is switched on, a better view on the home screen widgets, and of course, the animations and transitions can be expected to be a whole lot better in terms of fluidity and smoothness compared to the Android 2.1.


Wouldn't you be amazed if I tell you that the Android Froyo supports USB tethering? Tethering means the ability of a mobile phone to serve as a hotspot. Yes, the latest innovation from Android's turf can definitely make every user supreme and powerful by being the source of WiFi connection in every room that he is on.


Google claims that Froyo runs five times faster than Éclair and that it is so far, the best mobile browser to ever hit the smartphone technology world. Period.


Compared to one mobile phone brand that will require a physical connection of a mobile phone to the PC through a cable connector to transfer files, Android Froyo requires no tethering. All updates are automated. One can even transfer files from iTunes without using a USB cable. Now, that's what you call "wirelessly leapfrogging" its competitors.


Surely, no one would want to be in an unfortunate situation where all of you important data and files will be lost or corrupted. Now, Android phones make sure that all your important files are secured by storing them in the cloud. In partnership with Google, files on your Android device can be transferred effortlessly through ones Google account.


Google is caught up in a fist fight with one huge and tech giant and to help differentiate Android phones from other, Froyo supports Adobe Flash 10.1 which is optimized to run on Android mobile phones.

Before you salivate even further with the latest innovation from Google's mobile operating system Android, hold your horses since some carriers had just recently updated their phones to a 2.1. So hold on tight and anticipate the coming the latest from Android. Froyo, anyone?

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