Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Revealed - Rumors And Expected Features

IPhone 4 is just been few months old, but still there are rumors starting for iPhone 5. There has been good news with the potential predecessor being coming up in the market. Although this phone has not yet arrived but there has been good rumors attached with this special phone. It is said that in few months there has been news of getting iPhone 5 being released soon in market by next year. Although there have been many rumors attached with the 5 but there has been some facts in this rumors too.

IPhone 5 in 2010 or 2011?

It is said that the new iPhone 5 is being arrived in market by the year 2011 and according to some rumors, it will arrive in the 4th Quarter of 2010. But whether this is just a rumour or there has been some great news behind it, is still not confirmed. If Apple is coming up with iPhone 5 then why is it willing to come out in market so soon? There must be some reason behind it. It is said that as iPhone 4 had some issues in its features, hence to appease the customers, Apple is soon coming out with new device to maintain the grip with its customers.

IPhone 5 Android

IPhone 5 would have one of the main features with the antenna. iPhone 4 had major concern with its antenna issue and that would be resolved in this new predecessor. Although there had been much rumors about iPhone 5 but there has been some of the features that is being speculated from this new device. It is speculated that the new iPhone 5 would have good battery life. In fact, there may be a concept of removable battery as in most of other cases; there has been much problem with the batteries. The public is just thinking of all such features and there is no confirmation about it yet.

It is being thought of that iPhone 5 would be built on the previous models as iPhone 4 but there would be some visual aspects changes in this too. There would be face time video conferencing applications involved in to it. This feature is said to be even better than any of video camera too. There would be total difference in new kind of marketing technology being applied to this phone when it would be released in market. Although all this is just being speculated, let us see whether this kind of dream comes true or not.

Fifth generation

There have been good changes and people are thinking of getting the fifth generation of these iPhones as these have been anticipated. But now, after being all these rumors coming up, there has been news that customers are accepting iPhone 4 and all its features. Initially they might have rejected the phone with antenna issues but then people are accepting it like a good and successful device. Now there have been good sales in the iPhone 4. You have good colours variations in these phones and choose out your own personal phone. So, it is just to see whether Apple is coming with all new featured iPhone5 or not.

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