Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Will Apple Release an iPhone 5 in White?

The iPhone 5 is not just Apple's most highly anticipated smartphone. It is the most highly anticipated device across platforms. There a various questions that surround the iOS-powered handset. One of these questions is whether Apple will release a white version of the phone or not. Although there is no way to confirm this, let's make a calculated guess.

First, let's take a look at the smartphone's predecessor, the 4th generation iPhone. When this phone was announced last year, it came in the original black version. Soon after the handset was released, the Cupertino firm announced that a white-colored version would soon follow. We waited for quite some time for this lighter-toned handset to arrive. However, it did not make an appearance within the promised timeframe. After a year of waiting, it finally arrived.

According to Apple, there were problems with the white coating on the casing. Although the problem has been resolved, it did take the Cupertino-based tech giant a year to deliver the white-colored phone. You may think that the company does not want to go through the same issues again. However, it does seem to have mastered the process. The next device is proof of the firm learning from its past mistakes.

The iPad 2 actually suggests that the iPhone 5 will come in white. The 2nd generation iPad was one of the hottest devices to ever hit stores. It was announced on March of this year and launched on the same month. We all thought that it would only be available in its original color. However, a white-colored version soon hit the stores. People could now choose from two different colors. People thought that the Cupertino firm would have problems with the lighter-toned version. However, they have seemed to address the issue. This makes us think that the iPhone 5 will be available in white as well.

This up and coming smartphone by Apple is expected to make waves once it hits shops. It is rumored to hit the shops by October, it is highly possible that hoards of people will line up for hours just to get their hands on the new iOS-powered device. With a white-colored version of the smartphone, we're sure Apple's enthusiasts will be more attracted to one of the most highly anticipated devices the world has ever seen.

Although there is no way to confirm is this lighter-toned version will be coming or not, past devices do suggest that we will see a white version of the iPhone 5.

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