Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Apple's iPhone 5 Delayed Plus an iPhone 4 8GB Edition

iPhone 5 release date rumours continue to bounce around the internet with the latest and most shocking of all stating that there might now not be an Apple iPhone 5 released this year.

After Al Gore let it slip at a recent conference that he knew of more than one iPhone being released in October there have now been conflicting reports that there will only be one new handset this year.... and it's not to be the iPhone 5!

Rumours now state that it is only the iPhone 4S that will see the light of day with a scaled down feature set along with a more affordable price tag to suit the current economic climate.

This has now been further backed up with sources saying that there is to be an 8GB edition of the current iPhone 4 (which was exactly what happened to the iPhone 3GS on the release of the iPhone 4) which will join the existing 16GB and 32GB models at a cut down price point.

It does seem unlikely that Apple will release more than one new phone at a time, if they were to release two together in October that would mean having three separate products in the market at the same time.

There is a planned Apple event scheduled for October 4th with speculations that it is now the launch event for the iPhone 4S with a release date of October 21st.

Further fuelling these statements is the news that Apple's latest delivery of new touch screens which were supposedly for the iPhone 5 have some pretty major defects which hints again at a later release for the fifth generation handset.

The claims are that defects have been discovered in Wintek-produced panels with the company allegedly responsible for manufacturing around 25% of the new touch screens for the iPhone 5 and that they are working as quickly as they can to solve the defect problems.

The October 4th launch event is also supposed to be the announcement of a new iPod Touch 3G model which could throw all of the speculation into disarray, if Apple are only planning to announce the release of their latest music player there is likely to be a lot of avid Apple fans left scratching their heads.

As usual, Apple are keeping their cards close to their chest with no official statements, known for their secrecy surrounding the launch of any of their latest products it is highly unlikely that anyone will know for sure what is happening until October 4th.

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