Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How Has Apple Improved The iPhone 5?

The Apple iPhone 5 is, without a doubt, a great work of art. It is expected to change the way people view smartphones with its powerful dual core processor and graphics card. Although Apple has not yet released complete information about the new features of iPhone 5, rumors continue running high across the globe. Set to take the market by storm, the newest was caught in a flurry of activity even if it is not yet available to the public. Its improved interface, better gesture-based controls, and other impressive features are also expected to change the way the newest smartphones function.

iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 5
What makes iPhone 5 different from iPhone 4? According to experts and self-proclaimed techie geeks, iPhone 5 only contains minor software updates. The only noticeable areas of change include its built-in processor, hardware parts, and the way it allows you to synchronize your work. However, iPhone 5 comes with a different operating system so it is expected to perform faster and better than its predecessor could. The signal issues in the iPhone 4 will also be removed from the new design of iPhone 5 to address the biggest problem that Apple is facing.

If you have always been wary about how brittle the glass display of the iPhone 4 is, you will surely enjoy the new features of iPhone 5. It sports an all-metal look with a stronger glass display. It is also expected to boast a slimmer design despite its solid construction. It also promises users with a faster platform, a more detailed camera, and other features that are not included in the iPhone 4. These features are the exact reason why more and more people are willing to ditch their old smartphone for the powerful iPhone 5.

The hardware and software
Every product that Apple has released comes with a strong sense of elegance. While the iPhone 4 already had a sleek and sophisticated design, the iPhone 5 is expected to be slimmer, stronger, and more appealing in terms of its compact size. Aside from having an all-metal body, it also features a larger display area of 4 inches so it is perfect for everyone who wants to watch movies and videos while they are on the go. Some experts speculate that the iPhone 5 may already have an 8-megapixel camera a feature that other smartphones already have.

The iPhone 5 also comes with an A5 processor, which is of course the same dual-core processor that keeps the iPad 2 fired up. Its home screen may be dropped to accommodate advanced gesture-controls as well. It is expected to have a RAM of 1 GB to complement its dual-core processor and a new operating system known as the iOS 5. Along with its new operating system, there is also a big possibility that the phone will already come with an HDMI output and additional features for HD video recording.

Although there is no official word on the release of the iPhone 5, the tension in the air starts to thicken as people await Apples newest work of art. Whether these rumors are true or not, one thing remains certain. The iPhone 5 will surely lure more people into the world of state-of-the-art smartphones.

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