Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Talks on Apple's Latest Baby - iPhone 5

Steve Jobs may have relinquished his position as Apple's CEO but it's not stopping Apple from releasing the latest iPhone installment, iPhone 5. Even non-Apple fans are dying to find out what Apple has in store with the latest iPhone because the four previous installments have been huge victories for the company.

One of the giant brands in technology is expected to release this phone around fall. Newly appointed CEO Tim Cook is also expected to introduce the product, which will mark his first major stint as Apple's main man. The launch of the iPhone 5 is undeniably a highly anticipated event, along with the launch of iOS 5. Indeed, it's going to be an exciting autumn for Apple.

Everyone is curious about the features of the latest iPhone because its listed in everyone's wishlists now. Apple has been relatively hush-hush about the iPhone 5's features, although previews and write-ups from so-called reliable sources have said mostly similar things. For instance, iPhone 5 owners can say hello to 4G technology. The previous iPhone units were equipped with 3G. Expect faster data speed with the iPhone 5. Sophisticated functions like video chatting will be faster with the 4G technology. Speculations about the 4G technology are growing stronger because of the rumors that iOS 5 has codes that infer to 4G. There are also talks that Apple hired 4G network engineers in the creation of the iPhone 5.

There are also rumors that imply that iPhone 5 will have a very superior camera, much more superior to the camera of iPhone 4. Analysts have studied the photo using the GPS data, which revealed that the photo was taken in the HQ of Apple. The alleged first photo taken by the iPhone 5 was a picture of a white plate with several pieces of sushi. Upon closer investigation, the plate reveals a reflection of a person holding a small piece of device that resembles a phone. So, the photo couldn't have been taken by a point-and-shoot camera then uploaded to a mobile phone.

Another supposed unique selling point of the iPhone 5 is that it can be used as a digital wallet. Word has it that Apple may incorporate the Near Field Communication technology in the latest Apple phone so that it can be used as a credit card or debit card. However, there are also rumors that say that Apple engineers said themselves not to look forward to NFC in the next iPhone. There is, however, a huge possibility of a digital wallet feature.

Other reports on the iPhone 5 have it that it will have a bigger screen than the iPhone 4. It will reportedly sport a 4-inch display. Some rumors even went as far as saying that the iPhone 5 could have a curved glass display. This is a breakthrough if this piece of information is true. However, some still doubt if Apple has invested in special glass cutting gadgets.

Finally, speculations of the iPhone 5's graphic capabilities have the fans raring to get their hands on one. It is reportedly going to have a dual-core GPU and may produce a 1080 output.

All of these stories, however, are still rumors. No need to be impatient though. The iPhone 5 will be released in less than two weeks.

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