Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Apple iPhone 5 Captures A Completely New Audience

There's a buzz surrounding the Apple iPhone 5 even though it has not been released. Many have rumored the release date, but this has only fueled a greater anticipation for this device.

Apple promises to push technology even further with the new version that will be available for both AT&T and Verizon phone users. The demand for the phone is greater because it will be available to smarter phone owners. The fact that the phone is no longer exclusive to AT&T contracts is somewhat symbolic. It not only marks a change between carriers, but it also gives way to other smaller changes like the color.

It has been reported that Apple has signed with a Taiwan-based company called Wintek. The proposed partnership will launch white iPhone 5 touch panels. This may seem mundane for users that have never owned an iPhone, but consumers that are loyal to the Apple brand will be enthused by the new color scheme. This is yet another change that is marking a new era for the iPhone.

Apple has maintained a strong presence in the field of smart phone technology. They hope to maintain consumer loyalty and attract new customers with what appears to be a complete redesign of the iPhone. The CPU, for example, is a new A5 design that uses a Qualcomm chipset. This new chipset has been reported as one that is three times faster, and it is designed to effectively handle the changes that the new iPhone will embody. The graphic cards are also improved.

Some of the changes in this device are widely known, but many of the new features are heavily guarded. There are tons of rumors and many speculations about the device. This is largely due to the huge following for the iPhone. When the release of the iPhone 5 was announced everyone wanted to know what would change.

It is understandable, however, for Apple to keep some secrets out of the range of headline news. There is so much competition and so many copycat manufacturers on the market. A release date that is months down the line could give many smart phone manufacturers the ability to tweak their own phones. Apple has taken pride in becoming an innovator. Their ability to keep the masses at bay is actually a smart promotional tactic. It builds ton of speculation about the device without actually giving any truly important secrets away.

Many users are just concerned about whether the iPhone 5 will surpass the limitations of the iPhone 4. The instant answer is yes. It already takes a huge leap beyond the previous versions by bringing Verizon in the equation. This brings a whole crowd of users that would have never considered a switch to AT&T. Verizon is one of the largest cell phone companies in the world. This is why Apple's new phone has to be an even better phone. It's not just an upgrade for eager consumers that are familiar with Apple. It's a chance to capture a whole new customer base that is not even familiar with the iPhone.

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