Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Latest iPhone 5 Concepts

When Apple releases a new gadget, the techie world goes crazy. Apple is leading today's sales in mobile phones, and even amidst Steve Jobs resignation as Apple CEO, their sales aren't budging. One of today's most looked forward to gadget is the iPhone 5 and rumors about its imminent release are spreading like wildfire. Unfortunately, nothing is official about the iPhone 5, and Apple hasn't released news about when the gadget will be released or what features and specs the phone will have. No solid facts about the phone have been released yet, but this doesn't stop people from conceptualizing what the iPhone 5 will look like and have. Here are some of the most popular concept features for the iPhone 5.

Ultra Thin Design
According to some analysts, the iPhone 5 will feature an ultra thin design, even thinner that what you expect. Stack five pieces of paper together. It's that thin. Of course, with its mega thin design also comes a lighter weight. Just imagine slipping the iPhone 5 inside your pocket and feeling nothing. Watch movies, text message, or write notes without ever having to feel the strain on your arms. There's no saying that the iPhone 5 will indeed be ultra thin, but there are a lot of rumors going around that it is!

Sleek and Transparent
Some rumors even go so far as to say that the iPhone 5 will feature a sleek, transparent design. When your iPhone 5 is inactive, you'll literally get to see through the screen very much like you're holding nothing but a shard of glass. Turn it on and low and behold, you have yourself a lit touch screen with vibrant colours. This could be something out of a science fiction novel, or it could be something truly possible!

Laser Keyboard
Here's how it looks like in YouTube. You lay the iPhone 5 on a flat surface, press a couple of buttons, and laser keyboard becomes projected on the surface below it ready for you to type a message or send an email. The laser keyboard is swiped out of the mobile device and it can also be swiped back in. You can also enlarge the keyboard using your fingers pushing outward, or make it smaller with your fingers pushing inward. Lets see how Apple turns this concept into reality.

Holographic Display
This could be some work of a fakester, but rumor has it that the new iPhone 5 features a hologram display. Yes, like those you see in Star Trek, but this time, its real. The holographic display allows you to watch your videos via a hologram that's projected into the air. Does this technology even exist nowadays? If Apple can produce holograms, they've successfully created a technological breakthrough.

With so much rumored concepts and features, which ones are real? When will Apple actually clear the air of rumors, and when will the gadget be available? Unfortunately, there are no answers to these questions yet. There's plenty of speculation, but sooner that you know it, you'll be able to hold the iPhone 5 in your hands!

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