Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The New Apple iPhone 4S Boasts The Innovative "Siri" Virtual Assistant

The recent unveiling of the Apple iPhone 4S has caused a great deal of attention to the unique and surprising features of the new smartphone. Firstly the launch of the new A5 processor with dual core Cortex A9 was welcomed by many, considering that a dual-core processor has pretty much become standard in new smartphones in a relatively short amount of time. Then it was the much talked about advanced camera that is going to provide a complete tool set for budding photographers. But it was the features like iCloud and Siri that everyone is talking about the most.

Where the iCloud in the iPhone 4S allows access to data through the web and synchronization across other Apple products, the Siri feature is a completely different concept for a smartphone. Apple places user experience at priority and what better user experience can one get when they are getting a personal assistant with the phone. Siri is the brand new intelligent assistant for iPhone 4S users. All users need to do is ask a question or order a command and Siri works out the solution.

Siri on the iPhone 4S allows users to speak to the phone in order to get an action done or information retrieved. Siri works through an intelligent algorithm and understands the questions in a logical manner. For example, asking whether you'd need an umbrella this Thursday makes it understand that you are requiring the weather forecast. It calculates the weather forecast and replies accordingly. Now that really is next generation smartphone technology.

With Siri users can keep track of their important dates, send text without writing, call without dialing and be reminded about important events. It also works well on emails, scheduling meetings, browsing and calculations. The assistant is obedient enough to follow a variety of different command types. Siri for the iPhone 4S also works with third-party apps like updating status on twitter and Facebook. This innovation in technology is going to keep the iPhone 4S way ahead of the competition for some time.

According to some, the design aspect might be lagging, but the majority will sure agree that Apple does not need to alter the award-winning styling of the iPhone 4. The high-speed processor, 8MP DSLR-type camera, HD video recording, face time with friends and family and features like iCloud and Siri are enough to overcome anything one may dislike about the device.

Whilst many were expecting an iPhone 5 to be unveiled, the iPhone 4S is certainly no disappointment. If this is the future of smartphones, then the majority of consumers will surely be happy with the features on offer.

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