Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chromebooks to Integrate Google Drive for Storage

Google recently announced the new Google Drive (GDrive), a online storage solution that offers up to 5GB of free storage. Google is making efforts to integrate GDrive into all popular operating systems, including of course Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. But what about the Chrome OS? Of course Google would not forget that, and in fact the Chrome OS that comes bundled on Chromebooks is going to be so tightly integrated that it will act as part of the operating system. When you go to save a file, you’ll be able to save it right to the Google Drive, just as if you saved it on your laptop – or Chromebook as it may be.

Google Chromebooks started selling early last year but have not been a huge success as of yet. However, it seems that Google is going to be making a big push again this summer with more Chromebook releases, such as from Sony and Samsung, and also adding features like a pseudo-desktop interface dubbed Aura. Since the Chromebook has a limited amount of storage the save to GDrive feature is really going to help out in terms of storage capacity. You can upgrade the storage amount for reasonable prices, for instance 25GB is $2.49 a month or 100GB is $4.99 a month. The added bonus is you’ll be able to access those files you store to GDrive from your Smartphone, weather iOS or Android.

Will this new feature for the ChromeOS help boost sales of Chromebooks? That remains to be seen of course, the weakness still present is that without Internet connectivity you’re limited to what you can do with a Chromebook as it relies so much on online apps for productivity. However, Google is working to make more apps such as Google docs easier to use while offline. Rome wasn’t built overnight, and it may take a while for the computing in the cloud to catch on too.

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