Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HP ENVY 4 Ultrabook Pops up for Pre-Order on HP China

If you’re living on the Chinese mainland then, congratulations, you’re one of the lucky people of the world that can now pre-order the HP ENVY 4 Ultrabook that is so far unannounced. We covered leaks of the the ENVY 4 and ENVY 6 Ultrabooks last week and it seems that the release is now imminent. HP China has several configurations of the ENVY 4 listed, thanks to Google Translate we can read all of the detailed specs and kind of make sense of the product descriptions.

Let’s take a look at the specs for the high-end HP Envy 4-1021tx on HP China:

Screen: 14-inches 1366 x 768 resolution with BrightView (glossy)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2467M 1.60GHz processor
Graphics: AMD Radeon the HD 7670M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated graphics memory)
Chipset: Intel HM77 Express
Weight: 3.85 lbs (1.75kg)
Dimensions: 13.38” x 9.28” x 0.78” (34 x 23.58 x 1.98 cm)
Memory: 4GB RAM (2 slots available for max of 8GB)
Storage: 500GB SATA HD (5400RPM)
Ports: 2 SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 port, 1 USB 2.0 port, HDMI port, RJ45 port, a microphone input port, 1 headphone output port (stereo), SD card reader
Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth
Audio: 2 Beats Audio built-in speakers
Color: Natural silver metal keyboard tray
Battery Life: up to 8-hours with 4-cell battery
Price: 6,299 Chinese yuan = $999 US dollars
Notice how the color of the case for the ENVY 4-1021tx is silver, that’s not the same as the black we saw in the ENVY 4 and ENVY 6 support documents leaked last week. However, a different model ENVY 4-1006tx on HP China shows a black color case so the assumption is you’ll have a choice between silver and black colors when buying:

HP is calling the ENVY 4 an Ultrabook and a “Sleekbook” in their product imagery. We’re not sure what the Sleekbook category entails exactly, so we’ll assume that’s either a to be announced HP marketing phrase or a term more commonly used in Asia for Ultrabooks. The weight comes in at 3.85lbs and the thickness is 0.78”. That’s a bit of a stretch for an Ultrabook, but as the category and definition of an Ultrabook continues to expand it’s not that far out of line with other Ultrabooks.

The real story on the ENVY 4 may be the price. HP China has listed an Intel Core i3 powered ENVY 4 that’s priced at 5,499 Chinese yuan, which would equate to $871 U.S. dollars. If those prices hold true or drop for a U.S. release it would appear HP is chasing prices lower to pick up more of the Ultrabook market share. Lenovo has already announced they’re targeting a $699 price point for the IdeaPad U310 and U410 and so it would make sense to see HP go after this more budget oriented Ultrabook market as well.

Of course, nothing comes free, and with the lower pricing it seems HP has switched over to a slow 5400RPM HD rather than fast SSD offered in most Ultrabooks to date. It is interesting to see that an AMD 7670M graphics card is included instead of just the standard Intel integrated graphics, so HP isn’t totally cheap-ing out on us here.

As far as the HP ENVY 6 that we also know to be upcoming, there’s no sign of that larger 15.6” model on the HP China site yet, but we’ll keep our eyes open.

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