Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dell Vs HP Laptops - Laptop Reviews

Dell was the world's largest manufacturer of laptops and Hp was at the second place according to statics released in October 2007. The two leading manufacturers of laptop computers are competing in the market place for supremacy. Both produce machines for different segments of computer users.

Dell makes laptops for five basic segments of computer users. For the day to day usage, they have designed the Inspiration while for those who use the machine for entertainment such as watching movies, they have the Studio and Studio XPS range. Alienware is there special product intended for the gamers. Adamo is there luxury computer while for those who are on the go; they have the Dell Net book.

HP also has made several different laptops for users with different interests. They have their net books for those who want to access internet and who like digital entertainment such as watching movies. HP also has a range of lightweight laptops. They are low in weight and are comparatively small in size but are good performers. For those who are on the move, HP has produced a range of thin laptops. Thickness on the average is a bit over half an inch. Finally, HP has the tablet PC to replace your pen and paper. You can do a lot of work with it such as taking down notes and drawing diagrams. These laptops use a range of processors such as Intel core 2 duos, AMD, Intel Celeron and a lot more.

Dell in its quest for innovation, decided to produce a thin laptop. The result of the effort is the attractive slim Adamo, the world's thinnest laptop. Its thickness is only 9.99 cm. Though it is ultra thin, being operated by windows 7 it is a good performer with a price tag of $ 2000.

In the mean time, HP Pavilion G 62 T has been selected by users as one of the best ten laptops and is treated real value for money at a price of around $ 600. Powered by Intel core i3 processor, this laptop gives better battery life in addition to its better performance. Its good appearance is due to the use of the body color taken from the high end envy series of HP.

The competition between different companies that put out their products with better technology is will benefit the industry. Finally the winners will be the computer users.

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