Thursday, May 31, 2012

How Do Third Party Laptop Chargers Sellers Manage To Offer Such High Discounts?

Do you react suspiciously to the fact that third-party websites sharing laptop chargers are in a position to offer generous discounts on the same? How can they offer discounts when the company manufacturing laptops cannot offer discounts on replacement laptop chargers?

Well, the third-party sellers to not have to worry about high overheads and other expenses those manufacturers have to face. The top manufacturers spend a lot for advertising their products and services. Needless to say, a small portion of this cost is absorbed in each and every charger and accessory that is sold. Why should you pay for the advertisement costs incurred by the manufacturers to sell more laptops? Spending more when buying the laptop will make sense. However, spending more on accessories and laptop chargers with no significant benefit does not make sense. Hence, the cost of manufacture of the laptop accessory may be low but other expenses that manufacturers incur may result in an increase in price.

You will not face this problem when dealing with third-party sellers. They do not have a big marketing and advertising budget and do not spend money showcasing their production services on expensive slots in television and radio. Rather, they make use of inexpensive online advertising options and solutions. In such a scenario, the benefits of the reduced costs are automatically transferred to customers.

Further, laptop manufacturers have to set up a huge infrastructure to cater to the large number of customers. On the other hand, third-party sellers of laptop accessories can manage without having a big and fancy looking office. They focus on setting up a big website where they can interact with a large number of individuals without any difficulty. The scale of operations involves fewer expenses which automatically result in good deals on laptop chargers.

There is also a question of competition and survival. Laptop manufacturers need not worry about losing a few customers who are dissatisfied with their high-priced laptop accessories. Simply put, a person buying a charger is not a high value client. The company will focus on increasing the sales of their core product - the laptop. On the other hand, third-party sellers of laptop chargers will focus on selling as many chargers as possible. In such a scenario, they may offer generous discounts to increase volumes.

Laptop manufacturers will not hesitate to offer generous discounts on laptops to increase volumes. However, they will not use this approach for chargers because it is a low-cost product that does not contribute much to their bottom line. Hence, do not conclude that the fact that third-party accessories sellers often discounts not offered by manufacturers is a suspicious thing. It is a simple case of economics and scale of operations. Of course, you should not blindly rely on a website that offers very high discounts. Rather, you should analyze the pros and cons involved to arrive at a sensible decision. You should deal with reputed service providers at all times. Do not blindly believe that a site that offers maximum discounts is the best one.

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